Emailing a Resume: What you should know?

So you have been ‘stoning’ recruiters with your Resume?

You ask how, right? Here’s how: Emailing your C.V  without a Mail Subject and/or a Mail Body.

It’s like you just threw it at them saying “Open it if you so please.”

Recruiters spend on an average 13 hours per week sourcing candidates for a single role.This pin points the fact that they would naturally use every technique possible to eliminate stress.

Moreover for every vacancy a lot of applications are sent and received which makes it obviously a battle of the fittest.

Leaving your C.V. email bare most assuredly makes your C.V. disqualified from being viewed at all.

So you wait and wait and wait and you are not being called for that interview even though you made efforts to give your C.V. a professional touch .

How Do I Write a Catchy Mail Subject?

Start with who you are,Sell your personal brand (A Prolific Writer,An Experienced Human Resource Manager, Award Winning Graphic Designer…, and include the position you seek.

Example; Award Winning Graphic Designer seeks Company Brand Manager Position.

What About the Mail Body?

You remember how to write an application letter/cover letter,right? The resume body is just the concise and precise version of it.



1) Start with saluting the Hiring Manager

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],


2) Inform the recruiter of the purpose of the mail and don’t forget to mention the fact that your Resume and cover letter are attached.

I have attached my resume and a cover letter for the Customer Relationship Manager position at XYZ.


(3) Sell yourself and include how you will be of help to the company

As a Customer Service Specialist with over 4 years experience cutting across IT, Construction and Aviation industries with expertise in Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention ,B2B, B2C, KYC Optimisation and CLV I look forward to leveraging on my experience and competencies to help move sales of XYZ forward through Customer Satisfaction.

(4) Close with a request

I am looking forward to meeting you in person to share my insights and ideas on making XYZ’s customer relations  quicker and more effective.



5) Signature

[Your name]

[Your job title]

[LinkedIn profile]

[email address]

[phone number]

6) Attachments


Do not forget that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. So welcome to a worthwhile way of nailing your dream job.

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