5 Workplace Attitude That Makes You Indispensable

There is this saying that “Your  attitude is like a price tag,it shows how valuable you are”.

Think about this: If you were an employer can you employ you? Yes,YOU.

Some attitudes are too excellent to be ignored.Rhey could turn internships  or volunteering work into job offers. Let us take a look at five of them.


Commitment is  the emotional attachment people have toward the company they work for.It makes an employee go extra mile for their organization.In the past it used to be the case that an employee will give all their working years to a particular company but these days it is equivalent to giving about 10 years to a company. Commitment and loyalty though is anchored on the job satisfaction an employee gets from the worplace.


There’s so much a “can-do” attitude can do to a company.It leads to productivity of the individual and it is also infectious meaning that it can spread to the other employees leading to more productivity.

Being ready, available and willing to get the job done, and done well, should be traits that employees keep on the front burner.
Employers seek employees who take the initiative and have the motivation to get the job done in a reasonable period of time. A positive attitude gets the work done and motivates others to do the same without dwelling on the challenges that inevitably come up in any job.
It is the enthusiastic employee who creates an environment of goodwill and who provides a positive role model for others. A positive attitude is something that is most valued by supervisors and co-workers, and that also makes the job more pleasant and fun to go to each day. And guess what! A positive attitude is always noticeable!


The hallmark of creativity is innovative ideas and finding new ways. Employees with an innovative attitude don’t shy away from trying something new or finding a different way to do things. Small businesses need employees who can think outside of the box and innovate new ways to accomplish existing tasks and approach goals.Employees with this type of attitude know their ideas might not work out to be the best way to do something, but that the biggest failure is not at least giving new ideas a shot.


You must possess a willingness to work hard. In addition to working hard, it is also important to work smart. This means learning the most efficient way to complete tasks and finding ways to save time while completing daily assignments.
Doing more than is expected on the job is a good way to show management that you utilize good time management skills and don’t waste valuable company time attending to personal issues not related to the job. Another attribute of dilligence,which is important is:Consistently meeting deadlines. Employees who meet deadlines will also likely be well organized and responsible and as a result are values by their organization.


Being proactive means doing the things you need to do before you need to do them.Being proactive at work means always thinking about the future, planning and preparing for what lies ahead. It means anticipating the expected so you can better deal with the unexpected. It means taking action today to make tomorrow better. While it doesn’t assure perfection ar all times,it does reduce the number of problems. And it makes those stubborn, unavoidable problems easier to solve because you deal with them early—before they become disasters. Learning to be proactive at work is a difficult skill to master, but it’s well worth the investment of time and energy. It is both an aptitude and an attitude—a way of doing and a way of thinking, which, when combined, become a way of being. It is truly the thing that differentiates ordinary professionals from exceptional ones.






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