7 Productive Things to do While Waiting for That Job

Waiting for a job could be sapping, frustrating and tiresome if not handled properly. It makes you question your value and marketability. Especially if you are a fresh graduate, and you see your peers being employed in a little while. It has always been like that!

Here’s the good news:The period of waiting for a job could be a productive and refreshing period if used insightfully!

While you are waiting for a job you can do the following:

1. Volunteer:The benefit of volunteering cannot be over emphasized. It gives an opportunity for learning new skills, improving at interpersonal relationships… these skills and experiences can be summed up to give a more interesting resume.

Also, it not only provide a better chance at nailing ones dream job but it gives one a sense of purpose. There is this need in every one; the need to be valued. Volunteering is one means of fulfilling this need.

You could volunteer at a small organization doing the same thing or perhaps similar thing to those of the companies you have sent your applications too.

2. Sign up for a class;You could sign up for a language class, or any skill that may or may not be related to your prospective job. The class may be online or offline. There are free trainings online that could be taken advantage of.

It leaves you a better person. Learning has its feel, you know! You might not have a better time and chance to perfect that handiwork you’ve been learning save for this time.

3. Start a small business:You could invest a little in any business that is relevant, and that you have prospective clients or buyers.

What legitimate business offers or ideas have been coming your way? What does your immediate environment need but lack?What can you sell or offer which has monetary value?

It could be a product based or service based. It could also be online or offline. By doing this, you have a flow of income and you get exposed to the rudiments of sales which could be a life saver even in your future job Moreover Moreover, it ensures you are not idle and you are not financially down. Note that even small businesses can thrive and become big if they are properly nurtured.

4.Network:That old student’s association group you’ve been shying away from, it’s time to join them. You need a strong network with people that may likely be of help. You don’t know who might have the link to the company you are writing to some people have the connection, some information. Either ways there is a whole lot of benefi in staying connected.

Go for local networking events or conferences. Here, you will meet more people as stand the chance of getting that dream job.

Here’s are tip to having a good network. Treat people well. Don’t look down on anyone. Be courteous. Be open about your employment status.

5. Edit your online image;Your prospective employers are looking you up online. Go and delete that obscene picture and remove that obnoxious statement on your social media. Clean up your mess!

You should also be upgrade your LinkedIn Profile(employers uses LinkedIn very well).

6.Do something fun and productive;There are so many fun things which are productive that you may engage in.

If you can afford a gym, why not enroll and see your body shape move to the desired body shape. You may also create your routines yourself and do all the push-ups, squats,jogging…that is not just beneficial for your body frame but to your health. What about movies? Netflix is at your service. You could also get from friends, family members or neighbors. Get enough and give yourself a good time. Have fun!

7. Keep searching:Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Keep searching jobs and applying. Keep investigating companies that are recruiting employees. Your job Apps must be functional and job search platforms should still be connected to.

Getjobsng as a job site is bent on bringing the hottest jobs in your location and locations around you to you. Stay connected on all our social media platforms(@getjobsng.

Meanwhile, relax and never be quick to judge yourself based on the speed or lack speed, of your jobs coming through!

Enjoy your process in a productive way!


  1. Thank you,just what I needed to read at this time. I recently got a job but was pushed to resume by December. I’ll go volunteer for now.

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