Complacency:The Workplace Enemy

… and the award  of THE EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR goes to no other  person but….  (Ovation) .

It was amazing wasn’t it? You were the centre of  admiration  of everyone. You really worked  hard  and smart and you felt compensated. You’ve always being a favorite of  your bossess and  you  earned that spot!

Let’s move back to now, you no  longer meet deadlines, you  recycle old approaches to your dynamic work, you are full of excuses and you  aren’t  bringing  any  new thing to the table again that is COMPLACENCY!


Complacency a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.


That deceptive feeling of achievement and self satisfaction that gradually steals your potentials, creativity and productivity.

How did you get here?

1.Absence of Major Crisis: The company  has been  doing  well or so it seems.There  have been no challenge or competition.

2 .Many Visible Resources: As a result of the company’s  successes, the resources have increased  including Human Resource. Therefore,your  brain  unconsciously  told you to  rest. “YOU’VE TRIED!”

3.Poor KPIs(Key Performance Indicators): Your orgsnization lacks proper monitoring of its workers which means that your dilligence or lack ofvit cant be measured.

4.Lack of Feedback: Perhaps you  have  been  working  without supervision .No report writing,no feedback.

Now lets talk.

You have to know this about complacency. It not only kills businesses it reduces the value  of the complacent individual tooamongst many other ills.

So, how do you  address it.

1.Set Goals: Don’t start your day not knowing what to do. Dont start your week not knowing your tasks. Set goals!

Set long and short term goals and wtite down the action plans that will enable you carry it out.

2.Ask For Help: Have a ‘monitoring team’ who will keep you on your toes as regards your plans and goals.

3.Create a Sense of Urgency: Dont wait till things are bad to fix them. Work like you know the value of time. Time waits for no one!

Consider these and you are on your way to maintaining your relevance and your business or organization will be high  flying.



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  1. Its actually not easy to run a business like mine on Instagram @aone_acbh and still be an Engineer but its worthe it and thanks for the post.

    1. Thank you for reading.
      We hope to help you out with more tips that could help you balance both works so keep reading our articles.
      Thank you.

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