I had a neighbor who graduated from the University of Ile-Ife (OAU). First Class!!!
She couldn’t get a job after 3 months of NYSC, so she used her savings to buy a grinding machine (ero ata).
She registered at Gbagi market. I felt a bit embarrassed about it. Many people said she’s bewitched.
My elder sister would go to work with her. They made money every day. She did hers differently from other illiterate.
She had a lot of customers because they enjoyed her customer service. She finally got a job as a teacher in a government school and still kept the business.
Today, a job seeker with zero experience wants to be the manager of the one of the best banks in Africa.
Thunder 🔥 u!
This is their slogan – ’I can’t do that job. I’m too big for that job. I am a graduate for Christ sake.’
The easiest way to make enemies on LinkedIn is, to be frank with job seekers.
They will form a bandwagon and diss you. They will crucify you.
I don’t blame them, the wannabe influencers who are putting ’h’ into ’hr’ have brainwashed them with crap hiring stories.
I’m not on LinkedIn to be liked or celebrated, but I know many people who follow my advice will see the difference.
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  1. I enjoyed every bit of this story, many people (especially the youths of today) have been caught in this web of “get rich quick” , that they are not willing to start small

  2. We should not despise the days of little beginnings. Not all graduates will get a job with fat salaries but we can start small. I am a first class graduate and I am earning 40k but I am working hard and I know that it won’t last forever. I have a great future ahead .
    Start small. Do not despise the days of little beginnings.

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