How I got my First Job

“My First Job was a Sales Person job and I got it through a neighbour who works in a market. I didn’t work for her but she connected me to a friend in the same market who was in need of a Sales Person.

I was just out of High School and my worst subject was maths. Long story short I was fired in less than three days. And you guessed right,I was fired because I couldn’t account for any sales.Instead money got missing!

My Second Job(teaching) which was to last many years was gotten through my sister who got her job through a teacher that once taught in our primary school who was about setting up his own.(I hope you didnt get lost)

I did that really well because I discovered I liked to talk and impart knowledge (and also I did not have to account for any money,thank goodness!). Is this not actually what I should call My First Job?🤔


Then after leaving the Higher Institution,a friend shared a Job Alert and asked me to follow it through which I did. It was an Advance Education Institute and I applied for a Secretarial/Administration position. I had no ICT skills and no experience in administration but I was given the job.I guess he could see my willingness to learn and my communication skills plus confidence.

I learnt a lot on the job but had to leave after some months to serve my country(National Youth Service Corps).

Then after service, I was eager to find myself in a work environment once again and also earn and be independent. Nothing was really showing forth but I was willing to connect to professionals.I didn’t really know the power of NETWORKING but I felt let me just talk to those who are “making it”😃.Maybe I will make it too by listening to them.

Even if you were a friend to my friend,once I hear you work with so and so company I would find a way to connect with you for career advice.

Then I saw a Business Seminar post on a friend’s whatsapp status,it looked to me like a gathering of great minds.I just wanted to be there even though it would take me to travel down,spending money that I don’t have. What mattered most to me was networking and getting informations.

I joined the volunteer page of the planners of the event and that was where I got to discover some of my abilities I never knew I had (or perhaps I knew I had it but never knew how to translate it to money).

Long story short, I made a connection from being part of the programme which not only helped me access other employers of labour  months after the programme but also got me a job!




I am not yet where I want to be but I have started the journey!”



Moral of the Story

1.RELATIONSHIPS: Meet people and when you do leave a good impression of yourself.Most job come through referrals.

2.HELP PEOPLE: We always emphasize volunteering .No matter how bastardized it seems to have been overtime,it still remains a channel of getting the desired job.

3.SELF DISCOVERY:It helps in knowing what career path suits your personality. When you do what you are cut out for even though it appears in different challenging job positions and expectations,you will yet do well.

4. Please comment below what you learnt in this article.You could also share your career journey with us so we all can learn!

Thank you.


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  1. One key learning point here is never stop taking Opportunities as they are the untapped goldmines that most times lead to the Change we desire.

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