How to Differentiate a Fake Website from a Legit One

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You see these offers and get excited and just want to click and give all ‘necessary information’ which may include:

Your email address

Your phone number

Your debit card number

Your home address …

You don’t  want to let the opportunity pass but more than the opportunity, you don’t want to be a victim of hackers and all the evil they do.

So, here are 5 things you should look out for before you divulge personal informations online.



1. Check the Adress Bar: Yes, look up at that box in your search engine. If you see a  https://  it is a good sign that you might be safe because the S in it stands for secure.


This entirely isn’t a fireproof  sign.

When you have a padlock just before the URL it is a sign of safety and when the padlock is in green then it is super secure.

*Do not take a risk of letting out informations on a site with http://

2. Check the domain name in the URL: Some hackers create fake websites and email addresses to mimic popular brands and organizations.

For example Amazon is not same as Amaz0n

uba isn’t same as ubå

Be careful what you click.

3.Checkout for Grammatical Errors: A standard organization won’t have a shoddy website.

Excessive errors could be an indicator that the website is not genuine.

4. Check for Other  Features of the Site: Does it contain ‘About Us’, ‘Privacy  Policy’, ‘Contact Number’ and the likes.

There must be enough content to go through in any legit website that will put a visitor at rest while informing also.

5. Use Cybersecurity Tools: You may also use tools that will indicate the trustworthiness of a website. SHIELD, URLVOID, HostGator,WHOIS are a few you may try from.

Just a little cyber smartness and we would tell a fake website or a email address from a legit one!



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