How to Discover Your Talent and Change Your Work Life

Talent is a special natural ability to do something well, according to Cambridge Dictionary. It is also the ability to be good at something, especially without being taught.

We all have something we are good at and amazingly enough it is so rare to see someone who has exact same top 5 talent themes (do you know about Gallup’s personality test ) as you.

It is a 1-in-33 million chance!

You probably are amazed right now at how the extent of your uniqueness. Yes, you have UNIQUE GIFTS!

The challenge most times is that many people find it hard to discover what that hidden talent is. When someone compliments them on a performance, skill or creativity they hardly see what is special in the display.

There is a strong connection between discovery of talent and fulfilment and this covers every area of life. Other dividends includes contentment and excitement which is why you need to get to know what your natural talents really are.

Here’s how to discover those talents you’ve thrown away or forgotten since perhaps childhood;

Can you keep your buzzing phone away for a little while all in a bid to meet with your real self. The distractions all around has taken the place of introspection (looking inwards).
Go down the memory lane and remember when you had no care in the world,when you were little. What did you love doing then? What made you happy? Did you act in school plays? Perhaps you always love to lead. This could be a key which will open up tour natural abilities to you.

You laughed it off the last time you were told you have a excellent way of making complex things easy. You don’t take the fact that you already can tell the plot of a detective movie even in the early scenes as something special.

Now stop saying nothing is special about you and start listening to positive things people say about you. You may also write them down as they could be indeed what makes you stand out from the crowd.

3. WHAT GETS YOU STUCK?                There are things you do that when you start you just don’t have an idea time is going anymore. It’s just like you are stuck! If asked to do these things for free you are certainly going to feel great all the same. It could be planning of an event, poetry, narrating events or movie, making big moves in a game of chess… all manners of activity trivial or complicated. The major thing is the ease with which you do it and the satisfaction it gives.

Millions of workers unfortunately are stuck with jobs that are opposite of what they are made to do. Just like asking a fish to swim on the land! That’s a suicidal mission.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Marc Anthony

Are you presently doing what you naturally endowed to do?

Is there a way you can tilt your work towards the things that you are good at?

Can you create time for what you love to do alongside your present job? Perhaps you may start your blog, talk show via social media, mentoring or collaborative platform in your community …


You may add to the list of ways to discover your talent or share your experience of talent and fulfilment by joining the conversation below.

Thank you.




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