How to Fall in Love With the Weekday:Monday

Your weekend was so fun filled, you spent time with your loved ones and did all you’ve been envisaging for the weekend all through the previous week.

Then comes Sunday night leaving you with mixed feelings. You are happy you had a good time and you are also thinking about the start of a new work week!

Most times that feeling saps our strength and the life in us! We don’t like that “Tomorrow we move” feeling. Is that true?

As humans we can create ways to manage or solve our challenges which the fear of Mondays happens to be one of. And it is important we do because our thoughts affects our actions and on the long run our RESULTS!

So let’s crush this phobia with these suggestions.
1.Do a little of Monday’s work over the weekend: Are you a teacher?Start your lesson note on Friday. A content writer?Do your graphics perhaps on saturday.If your work involves checking and responding to emails don’t wait till Monday morning,of course, you will meet a huge pile.Check them in between fun times. A little 15 mins from time to time can save you.

2.Prep on Sunday Night; Don’t be too exhausted that you can’t plan the coming day ahead. Take a peep into your day and plan.Dont forget to prioritize because wgat we have to do sometimes outnumbers the hours we have for doing them. So, let your list reflect the to-dos that are of high priority in order to ensure you do them.

3.Engage the power of positive thinking: Most times our thoughts complicates issues beyond their true state.Talk yourself into believing that Mondays are great days. A day that gives opportunity to show that you are contributing your quota to your world , that you are relevant and needed, that you are gifted.

Tell yourself good things about Mondays, you could write it where you will see it or/and pass the vibe to people around you too.

4.Music; If you love music, you could play your favorite song in the house before leaving and in the car while driving to work( you may use ear piece if you are commuting through commercial transport). Just give yourself that atmosphere of ease!

5.Spill a little fun over into Monday: Movie night with your loved one or family on Monday nights, a chat with colleagues on breaks etc.
Whatever makes weekend fun could also be done on Mondays after work as a reward for a day well done. This gives you something to look up to Mondays for.

(This however depends on how convenient it could be for individuals involved and also the job in question)

Do not forget,you are in charge of the day and not at the mercy of the day! So set out to enjoy your day!


If you learnt something new or you want us to know something which can also be of help in taking Monday stress off,please use the comment box.

Thank you. 

Thank you.

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