How to Get Skilled-Up for Your Dream Job

We see some companies and we are like ” I want to work here” or “I  would love to do this!” when we see some Job Posts.

At times some work environment or some job description resonates with our flair or skill or ability but there seem to be a BUT … We don’t know exactly how to fit in into our dream jobs or we are not yet skilled enough to pursue it. Here are tips on how to get skilled up for your dream job:

1.Research the Entry-level position: What is written in the Job Description for the job? What are the roles and requirements? Do you have them? How can you get them? Find out how you can get these abilities.


2. Take classes: Go for courses,trainings and seminars in line with your dream job or the position you are targeting. There are numerous platforms,even online platforms where you can get trainings in line with your targeted job. Amazingly,some of these courses come at no cost,save your data.

(getjobs has an amazing community where professionals get to be trained and also get opportunities to meet prospective recruiters.)

3.Take up a Project: After being trained,motivate yourself to take up a project in line of what you have just learnt. If you learnt web design ,design a web for your business (if you have one) or for somebody  (you could even be paid).If you learnt Social Media Marketing,open a social media account for someone or for an organization  or volunteer to manage an existing account for an organization.

4. Build your online presence: Get updated about the trends in your targeted field,follow your organizations in line with your  dream job.

Also,put out your works,projects,freelance works on social media.

LinkedIn for example is a great avenue to display your growing expertise. By so doing,you are increasing your visibility even to prospective employers in your field.

5. Internship: Of course,you know Internship which is according to wikepedia, a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. It serves as a great tool in garnering experience.Some had opportunities to intern as undergraduates while after graduation too there are various internship opportunities which you might discover on the internet.

Some are paid while some are unpaid,either ways, it is still a great way to move closer to your goal.

6.Volunteering: Some sees volunteering as a punishment but the truth is that volunteering gives room for networking,gives you experience and looks great on your C.V.

Check out volunteering opportunities in your community,your social or religious groups also. You could send your C.V.s  or walk in person to organizations to find out if there is an opportunity to volunteer.

7.Explore Your Current Job: If you have a job currently,you may also ask your manager or HR if you can take up some other tasks for the experience and the knowledge of it.

The goal is to scale up our resumes ,have hands on experience (not just theoretical) and move up to where exactly we want to be.

The secret is in starting from somewhere!

So,where exactly are you and what step do you want to take right now?

Kindly drop your answers and comments in the comment box.

Thank you.


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