How To Handle Workplace Competition

Competition could be a motivator when kept healthy but could be counter productive if unchecked. Work could get really boring if there is no external stimulation like awards,extra bonuses and the likes.

Most likely you would rather have a workplace that rewards hardwork in amazing and creative ways that one which functions in a linear,boring and predictive way. Yet, it isnt cool that your colleague is taking credits for your work just to get the extra bonus at the end of the month and really it is annoying the way one of your team mates does obvious unecessary kind acts when the boss is around all in a bid to outshine you.You don’t like it!

Now you are thinking, perhaps you need to up your own game,study what they do to get the attention from the boss.While that is not totally wrong it is also not totally right.There should be a way out of this crazy rivalry which could escalate and become violent (yes,in some cases it does).

Here are some suggestions that could help you handle workplace competition better:
1.Know your uniqueness: You must understand that you have something in you that sets you apart from the rest of your colleagues.There is a reason your employer employed you.They didn’t do that out of pity (I bet you they don’t have resources to waste).You are different from your colleague which you were employed to do even the same job.Yes,you have the same qualifications and yes you both have distinctions but you need to know what makes you different from them.That would be your secret!

2.Know Your Position:Pay attention to your skill that gets the most compliment and rule! It could be your Data Analysis, Digital Marketing,Technical Writting,Project Management skill or any other you are great at. Perhaps you are great with computer!You may just find it so easy to come up with great Graphic designs or you are a spreadsheet guru. Could be anything you just do well and do with ease.It could even be an extra skill that is a bonus for your team.
Most likely,such skills source from deep interest or natural inclination. Leverage on this! Hone these skills and take your game to the next level!Make your giftings your space where you shine.

3.Compete with yourself: Focus on yourself.Make your competition intrinsic,that is ,turn inwards and compete with yourself. You are not the best version of yourself yet.Why not compete with anything average you identify within you.There is so much more you will discover in the process. You have yourself to conquer.It not only takes away the tension of fighting and the jealousy and envy of competition, it also brings about a refined YOU!

4.Complement Other’s abilities:Use your strengths to compliment your team mate’s weakness.Offer to help other teammates out (if your own deadline is still far though). Use your talents as a tool of complementing the lapses in your team. By doing so,you make friends,you get more productive and you keep the workplace healthy.


Hope you found this article useful? Do well to comment below.You may also share your experience of how you handled a workplace competition situation so that we can all learn.
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