How to Make your Profile Attractive to Recruiters.

In recent times, many have complained about not getting a job opportunity.While we understand the gap between the available jobs and the available labour,some things may contribute to you not getting one especially on LinkedIn.

Now here is the thing:A Recruiter looks at your profile & leaves confused. Why?
You cannot be an expert and specialist in
everything!What do you mean by:
HA expert Retail expert IT specalist| Social media Expert| Agro Business Expert| Logistics Expert| Educational Consultant all in one profile?

Let’s look at the definition of an “Expert” and “Specialist”. An expert is somebody who has a broad and “deep competence” in terms of knowledge, skill and “experience through practice” in a particular field.

A Specialist îs a person who”concentrates”primarily on a particular subject or activity;a person highly skilled in a “specific and restricted field”.

How then can you do all if you are a specialist? Please review your profile today, project your core areas and add the rest for what it is! That you attend a training in Digital Marketing does not make you a #digitalmarketingexpert
Would you stop confusing recruiters today?Let’s go!



Thelma Ibeh HR Professional

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