How to Stay in Touch with an Ex-boss

Sometimes you have a great boss who cares genuinely about your progress and takes special interest ensuring that you get better at  what you do. Then there comes a reason to leave the organization because you got married and have to change location, or you are to travel abroad, change career path and so on

You might be wondering how to maintain such a productive relationship with your boss in the face of the new situation.

While it is not a hard and fast rule that you must stay in touch with your ex-boss, you  stand to gain by keeping them in your professional network. Some of the benefits were discussed in the last post.

Here are suggestions as to how to keep in touch with you former boss.

1.Use Social Media; Get involved in their social media post. Like and comment on the their posts.

It is better you follow them on professional platforms such as LinkedIn so as to ensure you are not intruding their personal space.

2.Emails & Calls:You may send them emails once in a while to check up on them especially as regards work,congratulate them if they are celebrating anything, ask for advice as touching your career in your new place etc.

You may also send articles that would interest them.(The rule is,you must not overdo any of these and in case of articles,you must be very sure it is something that would definitely interest them) .

A phone call is also a great way to connect but always send a text message to know when it is convenient for them to pick your calls.

It is very important to be sure they are comfortable with your call before you reach out.

3. Get them involved; Share major personal and professional progress you are making with them. You just got promoted, tell them and thank them for giving you the support that helped you keep acheiving, you are getting married, you might send them an invitation, you are leaving the country, you may share it with them as it helps in the staying in touch business.

4.Meet up: Ocassionally you may request to take them out to lunch at their favorite place perhaps close to their workplace. For example if you no longer live in the same town and you are coming to town for an event you may tell the ahead and go to somewhere decent where you can rub minds and learn more.

Don’t forget that a previous great boss-subordinate relationship is key to determining if you would love to keep staying in touch or not.

So, even if it’s five years ago you communicated last you may reach out with the most professional (formal avenues) and get back in the flow!

Which of these points have you used before or do you want to use?

Do comment below and let’s  see what you’ve got for us!


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