How to Work Effectively from Home

Can working at home be as effective as working outside the home? Can it even be near effective at all? Is there a way to manage the likely clumsiness, non challance and Laxity being in one’s comfort zone can breed?


In recent times, remote jobs have been on the rise for various reasons ranging from limiting physical contact (coronavirus safety guidelines) to reducing the cost of  managing an organization.

Now, it’s not really strange to have your office in your home and give signals to the rest of the people around you to stop being a distraction.

One virtue that can’t be traded away with in being effective is DISCIPLINE. Things don’t just fall in place,people get Organized.

Yes! You get organized and then you move on to put things around you in order.

If you are asking, ‘How?’, then consider doing the following:

1.Have a Work Space: Carve out,map out or choose a place in your house that you can shield yourself from distractions and focus on your Work! This is so important! You agree right ?

2.Have a Resumption Time: Of course work is work! You can’t start when you like,you must have a resumption time. Agree on a time when you have to be in your ‘office’ .

Every day when You resume at work you could even write down your resumption time in a book and review how early or late you have been going to work.

3.Seperate Domestic Work from Office Work: Cook,Wash,Iron… before resumption time. Don’t be lax because you are in your comfort zone. Don’t bring up domestic work in the middle of your office work. It messes the mind up. It distracts! (You may take a timed break to stretch your legs,take lunch, refresh …etc.)

4.Have a Time Based Work Plan: You need to have an idea of the day’s job ahead of the day. Have a list of all the things you have to do that will make you call the day productive. Write beside it the time allotted to the work. Tick (and pat yourself at the back) as you finish each task and move on to the next.

Excellence can’t be stumbled on it takes intentionality! So, be intentional about giving your best to your job!

What tip have not been mentioned but could be helpful? Please drop in the comment box.We can’t wait to see them.

Thank you!

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