Job Search in Nigeria:How to beat the “Connection” criteria



I know it is not new to you when you hear that you need “connection to get a job in Nigeria”.

While knowing influential people or industrialists or big time businessmen may give you a good chance of getting a job, not knowing them does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage.

You may not have the so called connection but you may leverage on what you have.You might ask “What do I have?­ I will like to believe you graduated from a higher institution or you scaled through Secondary school. Most likely you have a religious body you are connected too (trust us Nigerians, we are really religious). All I am saying is this: You may have someone in your circle who knows someone who knows someone. So you must start Your own operation “getjob” connection or not.

One important thing you must note is that you must network and talk to people about your need to get a job. Some people may have informations even if they do not have “connection”.You may read up 7 Productive Things to do While Waiting for That Job to see other things you need to do.

In all your networking do not forget to join job forums. We at getjobsng are passionate about bringing you that “connection” you might lack.We bridge the gap between the employers and the employers.

Here’s the testimony of one of us:

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