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Stock & Inventory Officer

  • Lagos

Stock & Inventory Officer

Job TypeFull TimeQualificationBA/BSc/HND

Experience3 years


Job FieldProcurement / Store-keeping / Supply Chain
Core Responsibilities
Warehouse Operations:

Receive goods physically into the warehouse, ensure the quantity received of any product is same with the quantity ordered on purchase order
Prepare products to be sent out of the warehouse, respecting the process and guidelines set (checklist and contract form included, waybills, …)
Ensure the stock is in the right place in the warehouse and in the right condition
Day-to-day stock management:

Efficiently manage and track ALL incoming and outgoing stock in the warehouse
Ensure the documentation of ALL deliveries and transfer to shipments as well as prepare detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports on inventory operations and stock levels.
Communicate effectively with the sales field teams on their deliveries and promptly respond to their order requests. The requests include: replacements on batteries, movement of items on the ERP, etc.
Ensure shipments are delivered by courier OTIF (on time and in full) without stock loss in transit and if there is reimbursement is requested.
Inventory reconciliation:

Conduct daily, weekly and monthly stock reconciliation within the warehouse
Responsible for daily and monthly inventory count in the warehouse and ensure no variance with physical inventory and ERP count
Receiving Stocks:

Ensure deliveries are accompanied with the right documents, Purchase order, invoice and waybill if required
Receive only quality products and reject if product does not meet standard ○ Document stocks as appropriate on receipt using GRN and forwarding invoice and GRN to finance for payment
Ensure products received are arranged appropriately into the warehouse (New/Recycled, Components/Incomplete or KOs)
Returned stock management:

Ensure any material (battery, SHS, …) received from the field and brought back to the warehouse(s) is tracked and accounted for based on the reverse logistic procedure
Ensure adherence to the SOP for forward logistics and also use the right documents for shipment processing
ERP Operations:

Ensure all categories of goods received physically into the warehouse or shipped are also processed on the ERP.
Ensure Design, implement and manage a system for monitoring the activities of warehouse to ensure effective control and mitigate risks of theft, loss of stock & working materials etc.
Provide weekly reports to the management on all supply chain and operations, issues etc.
Establish and promote best practices
Safety & Hygiene:

Ensure daily monitoring of stock against theft, pilferage and obsolete inventory
Maintain high level of health, hygiene and good housekeeping procedures
Ensure high level of safety to prevent hazards from improper stacking/storage of products

BSc / BA or HND in Logistics or relevant field
Minimum of 3 years with proven experience in similar role
Creative, Proactive and Dynamic Individual
Good understanding of in-bound and out-bound logistics
Enthusiasm for learning and continuous improvement of existing systems.






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