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Veterinary Doctor

  • Lagos

Job Title: Veterinary Doctor

Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Duties and Responsibilities

Prescribe medications, administer inoculations, to treat a poultry health condition
Proffer recommendations on ways to feed, clean, and care for poultry farm
Immunize poultry farm animal to protect them against various diseases
Assess the living condition of animals and make necessary recommendations for improved health
Inspect poultry food products to ensure they are fit for consumption
Collect and examine urine and feces samples during diagnosis
Educate colleagues on ways to avoid diseases that spread.
Guide and direct the activities of veterinarian assistants and technicians
Execute quarantine processes to prevent the spread of disease among poultry animal
Monitor foods poultry animal consumes to ensure they are safe and beneficial to health.
Requirements / Skills / Qualifications

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.
3 – 5 years work experience
Appropriate license.
Strong affinity for poultry farm
Outstanding organizational skills.
Undeterred by being scratched, bitten, or exposed to infectious diseases, and resilient to noise.
Available to work extended hours.
Ability to make prudent decisions regarding welfare and well-being of poultry farm animal
Outstanding communication skills.
Excellent people skills.