New Year, New Goals: the ideal way to plan your year

What’s in a new year that makes most of us want to buckle up? Is there any difference between the last day of the previous year from the first of the New Year? Does the New Year carry the potential to give a newness to one’s endeavours, to one’s life? Do we really need to write down our goals for the year? Must it really be New Year, New goals?

Like a new day which might not be different in outlook from the previous day but comes with a fresh aura, time and opportunity so is a NEW YEAR!


It’s another 365 days to the rescue of dreams and goals! That sounds like a blank cheque right?

Are you in doubt of the importance of goals and plans? Then you need to be reminded that to build a house without a plan is like preparing to have a disaster for a building. To get the actual structure you need a good visible plan on paper amongst other things you will need.
Knowing that a goal without a plan is like a daydream then you really need a plan for this 365 days (how many days left now?) if it must count!


1. Review the Previous Year: If you wrote down goals last year check through your list and action points. Did you achieve all? Perhaps you could not do all because of the unexpected twist in the tale (the Coronavirus Pandemic). Did you do something different from your goals in a bid to survive? Just check through and know where you stand.

If you had no written down goal and plans then try to remember your wishes, there must have been things you desired even though you were lazy to put it down or you haven’t just been a fan of writing things down or you just felt writing doesn’t make a difference.

How many of those desires came through? Did you make efforts in line of actualizing them?
What did you do right and what did you do wrong?

2. Set the Tone for Success: To do better this year the big question you must answer is this: WHAT DO I WANT TO GIVE OR GIVE UP?

Nothing goes for nothing, which means something goes for something.

After you review of the previous your strengths and weaknesses must have been evident then move on to make fresh decisions:

This year I will spend money in investing into my gift, talents…

This year I give up my lazy attitude and I will carry along my friend/spouse/sibling… to ensure this

Throw away a bad work attitude/character/lifestyle… and pick up one that ensures growth in all facet of life. Be honest enough with yourself and then be willing to make a change.

3. Write: You were wishing it wasn’t part of the process, but it is! If big business and top brands that you admire write down yearly goals and plans, budget… don’t you consider yourself a more serious business!

You are a brand!

You must have a board meeting with yourself and write down your plans, action points and timelines (yes timelines). Let it cover every aspect of you. Financial, Religious, Academic/Career/Business, Health, Relationship…



  • Earn 3 times over my present monthly take home by March.
  • Improve my Digital Marketing Skill.


  • Start an online/offline training or upgrade today.(put in the number of days or weeks for the course)
  • Dedicate 1 hr. (could be more but make it realistic) every day to practice what I’m learning.
  • Use my social media platform to display my works for patronage at least three times a week Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays)

4. REVIEW: You could do a weekly, monthly or quarterly review to see how far you are doing, to help you buckle up were you are lagging behind, to give yourself a pat in the back wherever you have been doing great and to re adjust your initial goals to suit the realities you might be facing.


The Best Preparation for Tomorrow is Doing Your Best Today _H. Jackson Brown Jr.


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