Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job

There is little success where there is little laughter.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Most times when we start a job we are happy,full of hopes and expectations. Some of our expectation could be the financial reward, the opportunity fir career advancement,the fulfilment of the social need of man…

We are full of vibes and forward to growing,learning more, earning more, relating more, networking more and so on.

But, sometimes we might get to a point were the happiness fades .You now dread Mondays,you don’t want to see a particular colleague, your phisical and emotional health is being affected, you are faced with an abusive boss who doesnt appreciate your work, your work is no more challenging perhaps due to lack of patronage,your remuneration is not coming frequently or promptly, your opinions no longer counts at work….

All these and more could bring one to a point where tendering a resignation letter or leaving (depending on the nature of the challenge) becomes in evitable.

It seems you are choked and you need fresh air!

At this point there are questions you need to ask yourself and answer sincerely before making your move.Here are some:

1.Is it a mission conflict? Is it affectung your core values? Are you becoming something far from you as a result of your work?

2.Is this discomfort/challenge you are experiencing/facing shortlived and brief  or constant and permanent?

3.Do the company have remote  work options?[ in the case of work environment challenge,maybe with your colleagues…]

4.Would a different position,department or branch in/of the company be prefferable? Perhaps you can talk to your Human Resource Department.

5.Do you have a plan for crossing over to another job? Can you hold on while you get fixed to another job

6.Do you have something to put food on the table while you are away from work?

7.Do you have a job lined up for you already?

Have an honest look at the situation to know if quitting is the right option, if the time is right to do so and if the conditions (e.g financial)are good to accommodate your decision.

In it all,your progress, growth and most importantly your happiness is your duty to protect !


If you have ever had a reason to quit from your job or you are about taking a decisiin,feel free to use the comment box below and share your experience with us.

Thank you


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