The Nigerian Youth and the Birth of a New Nation

No doubt, being a youth is an enviable thing. Go ask our fathers and mothers how they crave to be young once again. Do you see how their eyes lit up when they go down the memory lanes to tell you their feats as a young man or woman? Do you also see the regret in their souls when they narrate the stories of their mistakes: the opportunities they misused, the bridges they burnt There must be something special about being young!

And when you talk about willpower, determination and bravery, there are these set of people in the world called The Nigerian Youths!


They are the real definition of all that. They exude all these attributes from the struggle to get carbonated drinks and sausage sold in traffics to the way they raise their voice as one against societal and governmental ills.


They have stories to light their eyes when asked, What was being a youth like? They are heroes living and fallen!

According to African Youth Charter, a youth is within the age bracket 18-35 years and this also is the same as Nigerias classification until May 24, 2019 when it was classified as 15-29 years.( Either ways we still have challenges which may really not be about the age bracket).


In a country with a population of 200 000 000 estimate (as at 2020) and youth population eligible to work about 40 000 000 (according to NBS) only 14.7 million are employed. We need no soothsayer to tell us theres danger waiting to explode like a time bomb. Or has it exploded already?

One of the major challenges The Nigerian Youth face which is UNEMPLOYMENT, we still have Poverty, Violence, Lack of expression (e.g. politically)

Seems everything is going topsy-turvy in Nigeria and these ‘phone pressing’ generation is in the middle of the heat. Who is to blame here for this societal mess?

The Parent who gave birth to more children than they can cater for hence lack of education and poverty,

The Government which has not lived up to expectation in job creation or,

The Education System which failed to equip students with entrepreneurial intelligence to cope in the real world or

The YOUTH who have allowed the influence of social media (Violence, lavish lifestyle, drugs and alcohol etc.) be their standard instead of facing reality and finding a way, a legit way?

Perhaps we need to re strategize, we could pause the blame game and get positioned for a New NATION. We will birth a new nation. Yes we will! If only we can birth a New Nigerian Youth!
A Nigerian youth that is:

FOCUSSED, leaving the distractions and lies and competition of social Media life behind and lives within their means (e.g. taking up a small job while aiming for the big one).

ENTREPRENEURAL, Learning skills and vocation, getting paid for goods and services and employing labour.

SELFLESS, helping others with resources, enlightenment, information, knowledge (teaching skills at a subsidized amount), business mentoring giving back to the society.

EXPRESSIVE, teaching young people good values e.g. hard work, respect, resilience, tolerance, diligence, morals, ONESS OF PURPOSE via social media instead of unnecessary flaunting of possessions and affluence.


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