The S.M.A.R.T. way to write a C.V

If you live in Nigeria the first point is:
Be security conscious:
Do not include exact house address in your C.V .We have thousands of scammers and sometimes ritualist who can use this against you. You can state the area but not exact details e.g your house number.

Let’s move to the main deal! If you are going to write a good C.V. ,make sure you are SMART about it.
S- specific, M- Measurable, A- achievable, R – realistic, T- time bound


(In the Skills section)

“Communication and Presentation”

For me, if you have done IELTS, include your score to prove it. Did you win any award for proper communication or presentation? if so, show us to prove it. If you have delivered world class presentations in the past, show it. Is it stated in your LinkedIn profile, show us. Any other person can come to lie about this.

“Blood collection”

Is that meant to be a skill!!! As a biochemist, is that not meant to be part of your school curriculum during your degree program.Handling safety
is a word that tells me you are either lying or you are trying to play on the intelligence of the recruiter. That can piss a recruiter off . If you have a skill in safety, where is the certification (perhaps HSE) to prove it. If you dont have a certificate, where is the training you had on it. The recruiter is not a moron.You need to be specific and assertive.

More Issues on Specificity
You have HSE Certificate, good! Fantastic! However, you already have red flags to the recruiter. You have given him doubts based on the red flags. He still doubts the HSE Certificates. Why? HSE certificates should come with a code or a number. If the number is included, it will erase all doubts.
Also your C.V stated you are a member of the Chartered Institute,you didn’t include the location. Is it that of Nigeria or Canada or Ghana. Another red flag
You also stated associate member of environmental health and safety. It sounds extremely vague. Amazingly, you thought it was a plus. Recruiter sees it as another ‘ lie’ Why? It was not clearly stated if it is in Nigeria. Its also not a complete name. Something is wrong somewhere!
You stated you were a presiding officer for another 4 months in 2019. Presiding officer in Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia or where?
You stated you are an active member of National Drug Law Enforcement agency. Only if you knew the implications of what you stated on your cv.

Is the agency in South Africa or Gambia or where. How can you be an active member of a drug agency after you graduated. In what capacity are you a member?

Avoid MS Word’s resume templates e.g MS Office Suite (Word,Excel &PowerPoint)

Thousands of people lie about the use of ms office suites. From experience. I always want to know if you are a beginner, intermediate or highly skilled user. Not a standard template but it gives you an edge. Lab Equipment Maintenance statement sounds vague to me. You might have included it as a gimmick to confuse the recruiter who most times is more skilled than you. The recruiter has seen tons of cv with same post.
Avoid copy and paste. Copy and paste in a C.V makes you loose integrity.


Gaps and Overlapping Jobs

You included 2 different roles for same date duration in a cv. You were a chemist instructor as well as Phlebotomist!!! Another red flag. That’s another confirmation to a recruiter that you are trying to play smart
If you were doing PP, which every other person does, get the clinic to issue you a certificate you were trained. Simple!!! End of discussion. Saying you were a Phlebotomist is not appropriate.

You stated you are a Phleboptimist for 4 months before you graduated from the University. Another red flag!!! Who certified you as a Phlebotomist before you graduated? Big red flag
If you stated you were an Intern the recruiter will understand. Choice of words matter in a cv. Another confirmation to recruiter you are trying to impress but it is doing the opposite.

You also stated you worked as a quality control inspector in a pharmaceutical company for another 4 months in 2015. 2 years before you graduated. How does that sound ? You just informed the recruiter the company is a quack and a roadside one. This can also be termed a minus but you initially had the mind of impressing. You see how that went?

State things as they are,with the right terms.
You worked in Unilever. You are not a staff but a contract staff. Is RIL now a job role? Or where you not issued an appointment letter. Why is it not stated here. Those are red flags that tells me you are either lying or trying to deceive the recruiter. RIL is a company that recruits 3rd party for fmcg’s. You just goofed if the person looking at your cv knows so much about it.

Job Description
Do the responsibilities listed therein match what I’m looking for as a recruiter? Your job description will make more sense if you had stated your role.
Exaggerating titles and responsibilities
Saying you are a Phlebotomist is another red flag. How can you be undergoing NYSC and you say you are a Phle!!! Cmon.
Do you know this is somehow incriminating!!! Why do I say so. Is it not against the Code of Conduct of Certified Biochemists in Nigeria ? Think about it. Did you assist the staff or you actually performed the roles you stated in your cv. An experienced recruiter will spot this anomaly easily. Choose the right words in a cv.
Do you know why auxiliary nurses run away from the hospital they work when the professional bodies visit them for audit? Think about that before exaggerating your roles in your job description.
Using the word Phlebotomist to some recruiters is a ” SHOW OFF”. Showing off to cover up deficiencies!!!
Who Certified you as a quality control inspector when you have not graduated from school. Recall you never stated in your cv you are a Part time student!! Recruiter is thinking, was this guy ever in classes at all? Is the upper credit this guy stated a fluke or for real? You were proud to state you had a 2:1. But as you can see, recruiter is now seeing it as fluke or you might as well had settled your way to have a 2:1
As you didnt state you interned in 2016 and 2015 for various organisations, it means you were working. Recruiter knows school vacation dont last for 4 months hence you must have been skipping classes and core learnings while in school. Recruiter now sees you as a liability than value added professional.
Recruiter sees the school you graduated!!! An experienced recruiter understands the list of best universities in Nigeria. He or she has already rated you with respect to the list of best universities as well as the 2:1 stated in your cv. The recruiter also has collated all the red flags in your cv. He or she now has started to visualise your personality. It’s now almost a concluded perception. Think about that too!


Maintain the same time format from the beginning to the end.

Feb – May 2019. Is it from Feb 2000 to May 2019. Or Feb 2004 – May 2019. This format is different from the previous you used to show timelines in your roles
You stated you are also a general secretary of ELCOM. What on earth does that mean? You are trying hard to impress the recruiter but it’s all working against you from this cv.
Finally, you stated in your cv reference is Available on Request. In the recruiter mind “WHO YOU BE!!!”
You graduated 3 years ago and you are showing off by saying reference is available on request!!!
You only make that reference when you are a big shot in the industry. You are still a beginner, so you need to show your references to cement who can be affiliated. No one knows you yet!



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  1. Weldone to the you Mr Correct. God will continue to to give you more grace to stir us to the promise land. God bless you sir.

  2. Thanks so much
    This is enlightening
    However i do have a question..does that mean if one is a contract staff for let say Access bank..will one indicate the Access bank on d cv as a contract staff or one will indicate the vendor that contracted us to Access bank?

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