Time Management:How to Move From Busy to Productive

The unit of Life is TIME, so goes a saying and it is in every way true. Such that losing control over your Time is same as losing control over your life!
So, in order to have that grip over your Time one thing you must do is to eliminate tasks that do not provide value to you as an individual or your organization.

Change is hard, and daily life patterns are the most deeply ingrained habits of all. To eliminate non-priorities in study time it is suggested to divide the tasks, capture the moments, review task handling method, postpone unimportant tasks (understanding that a task’s current relevancy and sense of urgency reflect the wants of the person rather than the task’s importance), manage life balance (rest, sleep, leisure), and cheat leisure and nonproductive time (hearing audio taping of lectures, going through presentations of lectures when in a queue, etc.).

Here’s how to unclutter your ‘busy’ schedule;
1.Prioritize What’s Important:
Step back and reflect.What is important to you? What adds value to you? …You might just discover that some things on your list are there because you are sentimental.Some tasks, commitments,relationships etc aren’t worth the time and effort you invest in them.

If anything must be on your to-do list it must be important to you.Don’t think a critical task will get done in one’s spare time.You have to make that time for it.Have a plan.You could write it out.
Also differentiate urgent from important.

A call or message,especially now in the age of whatsapp prompts and other social media prompts,may be urgent but not important to you.Be the determines of how you will attend to these prompts.Take charge of how you will dispense your time.

2.Identify and Avoid Distractions:When it comes to distractions,social media has a big part in this.Leave social media groups that isn’t adding to you. Unsubscribe from unsolicited emails or calls or messages.Be polite about it though. Also,other forms of distractions and entertainment e.g T.V, Films etc should not be stumbled into.Choose when to entertain yourself,don’t be easily distracted.

3.Learn to Say NO:No one gets an award for being sentimental but of course there are awards for being diligent and focussed. Someone wants to visit you when you have so much work to do,say No. Gists while still working,NO.

Invitations for events that won’t add value but take your time,NO.Just be vey polite in saying your NOs.
You won’t get anywhere by pleasing everybody at the expense of your progress.

4.Focus on Outcomes not Tasks:Have you noticed that focussing on tasks leaves you exhausted mentally sometimes even before starting out? You can’t be mentally stressed and be optimally productive! Also,there’s this thing about focussing on tasks that makes you feel like an achiever when a task is complete even when it is not done properly.There is a release of dopamine and you feel rewarded even for shoddy work.Focussing on the outcome enables you to bring out the best of you without being mentally stressed and when the work is done you feel like an achiever too but this time you earned it.

5.Personalize Your Strategy: You are not like everybody around you.Hence,you can not plan your time like everybody does.What time are you alert the most?What time are you distracted the most?What time are you productive the most? What’s your peak time?
Know these time and leverage on your productive time to do tasks that requires you to be alert or creative.As times go on and as your experience change your body and how it works may change too.Keep studying yourself and adjusting to bring the best out of you.Remember there is no one fits all when it comes to time management.

In conclusion, it is important to set our lives straight for more productivity and also for a healthy living and no one will do that for us,save ourselves.

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