Why You Should not Cut Ties with a Past Employer

Leaving a job always give a feeling of “Bye bye for ever” but in the real sense of it ,it should be seen as a step to moving forward and not a reason to cut ties.

Although the experiences that surrounds the change of job for some wouldn’t encourage a continued relationship with a former boss or a former colleague .

Generally speaking, the benefits of keeping in touch with a former employer are numerous and vital even to Career  Advancement.


Your boss most likely has put in many years of work into their career that they have so much experience which you might need to scale up in your careeer.

Yes! GUIDIANCE is one of the benefits of maintaining such relationship. As someone who has seen your weaknesses and strengths they could offer blunt but useful advice about your career. You will be amazed how much you can learn!

Also, RECOMMENDATION is a great  benefit of not burning bridges with your former boss. They can help out with reference/recommendation letters for that academic or work application (perhaps abroad) you are processing .

Your present job most likely isn’t your last. In this case also, it is ideal your previous employer is one of your references. It says something good about your personality that might interest your prospective employer.

Remember we mentioned the years of experience of your employer ,what do you think that means?  You guessed right! It means they would have a professional network by virtue of  their years on the job. You could be CONNECTED and recommended for future jobs whenever there is an opening or opportunity in their network.

So, bearing this in mind you should hold dearly the relationships you have now and decide to mend the ones you’ve lost perhaps due to ignorance.

Next post will be on How to maintain your relationship with your former  boss.

Happy New month, Happy New week.

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